School Store at High Tech Elementary School - managed by the High Tech PTA. Three (3) volunteers needed every Wednesday and Friday morning from 7:30AM-8:30AM.

To sign-up, click "sign up now" below, select "Choose" on the next page (ignore the Sept. 11 date at the top of the page), select the date you would like to volunteer from the "seats" page (there are many dates and they are not all in order, so scroll down if you do not see the date you are looking for), add yourself to the selected dates, and continue the RSVP process.

Volunteer duties:
  • Arrive at the music room @ 7:30AM to set-up store (arrange tables & bring out store items). 
  • Open the Store @ 7:45AM: assist students in exchanging Hawk Nickels for store items. 
  • Close the Store @ 8:15am: Return Store items to storage room, return tables to classroom location, and bring "big ticket item" record binder and collected Hawk Nickels to Ms. Ortiz in the front office.

Please contact Donna Nakamura with any questions.